IVa. NDACC Theory and Analysis Working Group

Working Group Representatives to the NDACC Steering Committee:

B.-M. Sinnhuber (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

The Theory and Analysis Working Group consists of the above two representatives who work with members of NDACC experimental measurement teams to provide support that augments their research and data analyses. The Working Group also promotes the widespread use of NDACC data outside the NDACC community and seeks additional members to help foster such use.

The Working Group provides output from model simulations that can be used by instrument working groups to analyze and interpret their measurements.

GMI-MERRA2 Data Set S. Strahan (USRA/GESTAR/NASA GSFC) – Currently model output is available from the Global Modeling Initiative (GMI) chemistry and transport model (CTM) integrated with MERRA2 (reanalysis) meteorological fields for the period 1985-2017. The available model output files have constituents and meteorological fields for individual stations for the Dobson, FTIR, Lidar, and Sonde working groups. Additional model support (i.e., additional stations, constituents, and meteorological variables) is available upon request. Details on the model output files can be found in the NDACC ftp data directory: ftp://ftp.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/ndacc/gmi_model_data/

Individuals are requested to inform the Working Group Representatives of any published work that uses NDACC data or these model outputs.