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(Revised  August 2018)

About this directory

This Directory summarizes the operational status of the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC). Long-term NDACC measurement activities (both active and inactive) are listed in Sections Ia and Ib. Sections IIa and IIb include NDACC measurement activities conducted intermittently or during limited duration campaigns. Some of the locations listed in Section II appear in Section I as well since they are also associated with long-term data sets.

A fundamental aim of the NDACC is to provide high-quality data suitable for scientific studies of the stratosphere and upper troposphere. The NDACC Theory and Analysis Working Group promotes the use of the NDACC data by all interested researchers. All NDACC data over one year old is publicly available. However, many NDACC investigators have agreed to make their data publicly available immediately upon archiving. The public record is available through anonymous ftp at

The use of NDACC data prior to its being made publicly available (i.e., for field campaigns, satellite validation, etc.) is possible via collaborative arrangement with the appropriate Principal Investigator(s). Rapid delivery data, which will likely be revised before entry in the full database, is also available for some instruments at

NDACC Sites and Intro

  1. Long-Term Measurement Activities
  2. Intermittent or Campaign Measurement Activities
  3. Cooperating Networks
  4. Theory and Analysis and Satellite Working Groups
  5. NDACC-Related Acronyms